Burch Creek

    Burch Creek Elementary

    4300 S. Madison Avenue
    Ogden, UT 84403
    Phone: 801-476-5300
    Fax: 801-476-5319
    School Hours
    M-TU-TH-F 8:30-3:15PM
    W- 8:30-1:15PM
    Office Hours

    Upcoming Dates to Know 
    May 2nd, 3rd, 4th:  School Musical; 6:00 pm
    May 8th:  Math Science Olympiad / Iron Kid

    May 10th:  Food Truck
    May 9-11:  PTA Book Fair
    May 24th:  Field Day
    May 25th:  Last day of school ... Early out at 1:15

    Math/Science Olympiad     IRON Kid  
    Weber County Fairgrounds     Weber County Fairgrounds  
    Burch Creek Competes Tuesday, May 8th   Burch Creek Competes Tuesday, May 8th
    Afternoon Schedule     Afternoon Schedule  
    11:45 Round 1 begins     11:45 Round 1 begins  
      Krypto 3rd Grade     Valley 3rd Grade
      Tangrams 3rd Grade     Burch Creek 3rd Grade
      Spaghetti Towers 4th Grade     Lakeview 3rd Grade
      3X5 Card Stacking 5th Grade     Hooper 3rd Grade
      SET 5th Grade     Uintah 3rd Grade
      Tile Trials 6th Grade     West Weber 3rd Grade
    12:10 Round 2 begins     12:10 Round 2 begins  
      Krypto 4th Grade     Valley 4th Grade
      Tangrams 6th Grade     Burch Creek 4th Grade
      Spaghetti Towers 3rd Grade     Lakeview 4th Grade
      3X5 Card Stacking 4th Grade     Hooper 4th Grade
      SET 6th Grade     Uintah 4th Grade
      Tile Trials 5th Grade     West Weber 4th Grade
    12:35 Round 3 begins     12:35 Round 3 begins  
      Krypto 5th Grade     Valley 5th Grade
      Tangrams 5th Grade     Burch Creek 5th Grade
      Spaghetti Towers 6th Grade     Lakeview 5th Grade
      3X5 Card Stacking 3rd Grade     Hooper 5th Grade
      SET 3rd Grade     Uintah 5th Grade
      Tile Trials 4th Grade     West Weber 5th Grade
    1:00 Round 4 begins     1:00 Round 4 begins  
      Krypto 6th Grade     Valley 6th Grade
      Tangrams 4th Grade     Burch Creek 6th Grade
      Spaghetti Towers 5th Grade     Lakeview 6th Grade
      3X5 Card Stacking 6th Grade     Hooper 6th Grade
      SET 4th Grade     Uintah 6th Grade
      Tile Trials 3rd Grade     West Weber 6th Grade
    1:25 Elastic Car Race       6th Grade Hula Hoop

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