Burch Creek Elementary School

Community Council Meeting Minutes

January 18, 2018


I.                 In attendance: Rick Proffer, Jessica Volpe, Seth Robinson, Melanie Wilhelmsen, Amy Rich, Susan Stewart, Quinn Henderson

II.               The council reviewed the need to change reports for measuring growth. Mr. Proffer proposed to use DIBELS for Language Arts and to utilize existing student learning objects (SLO’s) faculty already has in place for Math. Mr. Proffer will review progress with teachers during PLC’s and decide as a team on concrete goals. Action item for Mr. Proffer to bring final goals to next meeting.

III.              The council discussed where the greatest needs are in planning for next year and decided two main areas of focus are technology and attendance. For technology, the money will be used to purchase and renew contracts for Chrome book carts. Each Chrome book cart provides 42 Chrome books. Money used to help address attendance concerns will be used toward Aide hours.  Proactive plans to improve attendance include home visits, tracking, and greeting tardy students. It was agreed that attendance is critical – if students are not in school, all of our efforts are fruitless.

IV.             The council discussed Spring Community Council Elections. It was determined the elections needs to be staggered so there is not a full replace. Two members of the 2017-2018 council will carry over to the 2018-2019 council. The other two members will be replaced through the spring election. Jessica Volpe will remain on the council as the teacher representative for the 2018-2019 council. Mr. Proffer will send out both a paper and electronic notice regarding the election and instructions for submitting nominations. Nominations will be accepted February 7th through February 23rd.

V.               Quinn Henderson from Weber School District presented Digital Citizenship. Key points from his presentation include the following.

a.     All WSD Internet traffic passes through Web filtering. iBoss is the main filter with Secure Web Gateway used as the backup.

b.     Filtering occurs by grade and school level. There are six groups which use the same baseline policies which include:

                                                    i.     Alcohol, tobacco, friendship, guns and weapons, malware, pornography/nudity, toolbars, adult content, dating and personals, drugs, gambling, streaming radio/TV, violence and hate, web proxies

c.      Social Media – some are blocked, some are allowed

                                                    i.     YouTube – Safe search and restriction mode enforced for both Students and staff. Administrator approved videos.

                                                   ii.     Facebook – blocked for both students and staff

                                                 iii.     Twitter – allowed for both students and staff

                                                 iv.     Pinterest – blocked for students, allowed for staff

                                                   v.     Linked In – allowed for both students and staff

                                                 vi.     Google Image search – safe mode enforced for all

                                                vii.     Other social media – blocked for all

d.     Students can login to school accounts at home, all web filtering will still apply

e.     WSD helps keep kids safe through Digital Literacy lesson plans. Each grade K-12 has a unique unit to teach that includes five lesson plans. Teachers at Burch Creek are encouraged to teach these lessons during the first half of the year so knowledge learned can be applied through the school year.

VI.             The next Community Council meeting will be Thursday, March 15th at 5:30 pm.


VII.           Amy Rich proposed the meeting be adjourned. Melanie Wilhelmsen seconded the motion. All were in favor and the meeting was adjourned until March 15, 2018.