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801-476-5300  |  4300 Madison Avenue, Ogden, UT 84403

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The Burch Creek Elementary School Community Council is a group of parents, teachers, and administrators who oversee the Utah Trust Land money that is given to schools each year.  (Utah laws require the establishment of a permanent school fund. All net proceeds of the trust lands are deposited in the fund. Like an endowment, the principal is never spent; only the interest and dividends are distributed to support public schools. The capital gains are reinvested to grow the fund and its impact on student.) 

The Trust Land money should be spent on literacy (reading) and numeracy (math).  If you have ideas about how you would like to see the money spent, please feel free to talk to one of the above-named members. 

Also, our meetings are open to the public, please see the schedule for more information.  Thanks for your interest in the Community Council.                       



January 10, 2019

Hi Burch Creek Parents and Families,

Weber School District’s Technical Services Department gave a presentation to the Burch Creek Community Council about internet safety and responsible digital citizenship.  Here are some things we learned:

*Weber School District provides filters to keep our kids and teachers safe.  Those filters can be used at home if your child logs in to his/her student account through google chrome.

* is an awesome resource.  Educators use it in their classrooms, but parents can also use it at home.  Check it out!!!

*Another place to find free filters and other info is WSD.NET>Resources>Internet Safety Resources

We thought this information was super and we hope it will help you, too!


Seth Robinson, Nicole McGarry, Amy Rich, and Melanie Wilhelmsen

(Parent members of Burch Creek’s 2018/2019 Community Council)

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