BCASP Parent Handbook




(Burch Creek After School Program)








Application forms need to be complete and accurate. If the application is incomplete your student may not be accepted into the program.


* We need to have accurate phone numbers. (In order to get a hold of parents in case of an emergency).


Keep us updated of any changes you have throughout the year.






$20.00 a month for the first student and $5.00 each additional student after that.


Tuition is not optional, as is goes towards buying your child’s after school snack.


*If tuition is missed two consecutive months your child (ren) will be unrolled from the program, this is part of the parent agreement that you signed up for and agreed to when your child (ren), were accepted into the program.


If special financial circumstance exists, please speak with us.


TUITION MUST BE PAID by the 10th of each month.


*Make sure to fill out the Blue Payment Coupon with all necessary information in order to insure proper payment is made and recorded. Enclose the Payment Coupon along with your payment into the envelope with the student’s name written on the outside of the envelope and return to either the office or After School Program Director or After School Staff.




*Make checks payable to Burch Creek Elementary.  






All Students need to be picked up by 5:00 PM sharp. If you are running late, please give us a call so we know you are on your way. After 3 late pickups with no phone call your child(ren) may be dropped from the program.


The number that you can reach is 801-510-5061


Parent/Authorized person must sign your child(ren) out each day.


No child may walk home from school by themselves. There will be no exceptions for your students to walk home without an adult from the After School Program. If you need your child to go home with another parent, we must have a signed note or a call from you.  No child will be released to anyone without your permission.  We want all children to be safe.




Make sure they have cleaned up after themselves and that they take all of their belongings. Belongings that are left here at the end of each day will be put in the lost and found.




Make sure that your child’s name is written on his/her backpack.  This will keep backpacks from going home with the wrong student. It also helps to have their name written on the coats and jackets.




Parents are always welcome to visit or participate in the After School Program.  If you wish to help in any way, let us know.





Snacks will be provided, but must be eaten at the After School Program.





If for any reason your child will not be attending the After School Program you MUST let us know by phone call or in person or a note to the After School Program.  Please call the school office between 8:00- 3:00 at 801-476-5300 and leave a message. If your child misses more than 10 days per quarter they may be dropped from the After School Program!


If your child is sick, please do not send them to the After School Program.  If they become sick in our care, we will call you and they will need to be picked up immediately.






Please encourage your student to work on their homework during Academic Time. This is a 30-minute period where we have set aside time to help your student with their homework. If they do not receive homework they need to have something to read or work on. This is a time for studying and growth. If they do not have anything to work on I will provide them with worksheets or a book to read.





Students are expected to follow the school rules. The school has three school wide rules that the After School Program is continuing


1.    Respect


2.    Responsibility


3.    Safety


*Students must ask for a hall pass to go out of the room that we are in for any reason. 




Students need to be respectful of other students, volunteers, and staff members at all times.  Any problems will result in a discipline procedure.  Students need to respect belongings of others; they should not be touching things that do not belong to them.




Gum is not allowed at school. Candy and/or treats cannot be brought unless prior arrangements have been made. Sometimes students come to the After School Program with treats they have brought from class parties, etc.  These need to stay in their backpacks and be taken home. After School doesn’t mind if students have a treat that they can eat if they have enough for everyone else.


BCASP Discipline Policy Procedure 


Each student will have a file which will have a Discipline Procedure Chart, this chart will track what used to be a card pulling system. The Students will be informed of the rules they are to follow and what will happen if they do not choose to follow them. The following is the disciplinary actions that can be shown on the chart.




1st Time-------Pink Card-------------Warning


2nd Time------Yellow Card ---------Removed from Activity


3rd Time-------Blue Card------------Parent phone call and principal involvement


4th Time--------Red Card------------Student will be sent home/1 week


                                                         Removed from the program for 1 week


                                                           (Parent will need to pick student up)


Student may have 1 red card for the entire year.


*Upon the 2nd red card/2nd suspension the student may no longer return to BCASP.


* There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this Procedure!!




It is also important to note that all staff members have access and can fill out the discipline chart.