Minutes November 2, 2016

Burch Creek Elementary PTA Minutes

Nov 2nd, 2016

Start Time: 1:35 pm

End Time: 2:20 pm

Welcome By: Amy Rich, Jenn Hansen

Calendar:  Jenn Hansen

Secretary Report: Alisha

     October Minutes

Treasurer Report: Tiffany Hamelin

     Fundraiser profit was $15,648.30

          $300 to Library

          $150 tree for library

          $250 tree for school

          $500 teacher appreciation

          $200 per grade for field trips

          $5000 to teachers for supplies

Approved by 1st Alicia Herbert

2nd by MaryAnn Brown

Mr Proffer/Mr. Hogan

     We appreciate the PTA!  Coat racks are here.  43rd & Monroe will be closed and will have to take a different route.  Need parents help with stragglers crossing the street.  Kid got hit on bike but was ok. 


     Christmas tree jubilee: done by Mrs. Volpe, Mrs. Meadows, Ms. Peay.  2 baskets from school.  MaryAnn Brown will do a wreath.

     Elf Shelf: Set up will be done in the gym.  Need help setting up and help running it.

     Nominating Committee:  Amy Dopp, Rachel Hatch, Julie Strafford

Volunteer (3 for Me) Drawing: Addie Akridge

Next Meeting Dec 7th at 1:30 pm in Library

Adjorn by Nicole McGarry

2nd by Rebecca Brimhall


Alisha Robinson          Alicia Herbert              Rachel Hatch               Lindsay Harline

MaryAnn Brown          Julie Strafford              Robyn Rollings            Rebecca Brimhall

Angela James               Charity Wardleigh        Jade Peay                     Jessica Volpe

Nicole McGarry           Shellsey Stephens        Mr. Hogan                   Amy Rich

Jenn Hansen                Tiffany Hamelin

Let is know if you have any questions!


Burch Creek PTA

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