Minutes January 30, 2017


Start Time: 4:02 pm                 
End Time: 5:05 pm

Welcome: Amy Rich

Calender: Jen Hansen

Treasurer Report: Lindsay Harline  Everything is on track except for t-shirts

Secratary Report: Alisha Robinson Review of last meeting minutes

Other Items:

-Nominating committee sent out letters about positions available as well as school website and fb.  Voting will take place at the next meeting.

-Watch D.O.G.S  meeting with top 10 tomorrow (Tues Jan 31st).  Email will go out after meeting.  Still waiting on response from some people.

-T-shirts we will be selling them at parent teacher confrences and possibly at kindergarten roundup.

-Career Day will be March 29th all day.  Looking for different people in career fields to come help out. 

-Some parents are feeling like information isn't getting out. 

-Talked to teachers about what they need in the classrooms.  Kindergarten wanted room mothers, paint supplies. Each grade was talked with but it was turned over to Mr. Proffer and Mrs. Wardleigh to gather further information from the teachers.

Next Meeting will be March 6th at 4 pm

Alicia Herbert Motioned to end meeting
Julie Strafford 2nd


Alisha Robinson

Amy Rich

Jenn Hansen

Rachel Hatch

Beth Ann Smith

Camille LaRose

Alicia Herbert

Susan Stewart

Julie Strafford

Robyn Rollings

Elley Maveretic

Charity Wardleigh

Sharee Brand

Marcy Johnson

Amy Dopp

Mindy Clawson

Shellsey Stephens

Rebecca Brimhall

Lindsay Harline

MaryAnn Brown

Rick Proffer

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