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Safe Weber Framework


For more information on this Plan, click on this link: SAFE WEBER or click on the picture above.


Below you will find a message from our Principal:

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Parents and Guardians,

We are excited for a new school year and can't wait to have students join us for their first day tomorrow.  In preparation, we've put together a list of school procedures with particular emphasis on those which have been impacted by COVID-19 precautions.  We hope this information will better prepare you and your student/s for what to expect at school and allow you to plan ahead.  Please note there are many changes related to restricted access to our school campus, face mask requirements, and office procedures.

Face Masks

  • All individuals on school grounds or entering the school must wear a face mask, per Governor Herbert's Public Health Order.

  • Parents should send their child/ren to school with a face mask.

  • If a student comes to school without a face mask, or is unable to find one of their own, the school will loan them one.

  • Students will wear face masks throughout the school day with the exception of recess, lunch, or some language learning activities (students with an IEP, 504, or other medical reasons may be accommodated, through a formal exemption process, as well).  


  • School access will be limited to students, staff, and other essential individuals.

  • Visitors must wear a face mask if on school property or in the building.

  • Visitors must check in at the office and may not go into the rest of the school without permission from administration.

  • Parents and other visitors may not come into the school to eat with their students; this includes both breakfast and lunch.

  • Authorized visitors are subject to temperature and symptom checks.


  • Parents are strongly encouraged to phone the office, rather than come into school, whenever possible, in order to limit the number of people in the building.

  • Parents will need to follow designated social distancing markers, while in the office and when waiting to enter the school.

  • Parents needing to check students in after school starts should wait outside the school, while they send their child into the office.

  • Parents should provide as much advance notice as possible if they need to check their student out

  • Except for emergency situations, parents wishing to check their child out in the last 15 minutes of the school day must wait outside until school is dismissed.

Before School

  • Students eating breakfast proceed directly to the cafeteria after 8:00 (through the bus entrance for bus riders, through the front entrance for all other students) and head directly out to the playground when finished.

  • Students not eating breakfast head directly to the playground when they arrive before school in the morning (NOT THROUGH THE BUILDING).

  • Parents/Visitors MAY NOT come into the building before school, unless coming by the office for essential business.

  • Parents/Visitors MUST wear a face mask if coming by the office before school.

  • Parents are strongly encouraged to phone the office rather than coming in before school, in order to help with social distancing.

  • Students riding the buses must wear masks while on the bus.

  • Students line up in their designated areas on the playground, facing forward, arms-length distance between the student in front, and wear a face mask when the first bell rings.

  • Students in K-3rd enter the school with their teachers after the first bell.

  • Students in 4th-6th enter the school with their teachers after the second bell.

During School

  • Students will use a personal water bottle instead of drinking fountains; if a student is unable to bring their own water bottle from home, one will be provided for them by the school.

  • Students will follow COVID-specific, and other established procedures, such as wearing face masks during transitions, walking on the right, lining up single file, facing forward, with arms-length distance between students, etc.

After School

  • Students riding the buses must wear face masks while on the bus.

  • Students in K-3rd who are to be picked-up by car head to their designated area when the first dismissal bell rings (K-on the sidewalk by the portico exit from the from the kindergarten hallway, 1st-on the sidewalk by the exits from Mrs. Rabe's and Miss Harris' kindergarten classes, 2nd-6th on the sidewalk facing the loading zone away from the curb).

  • Students walking home are to leave campus directly after picking up siblings in their designated areas.

  • Parents are strongly encouraged to remain in their vehicle and use the loading zone instead of parking to pick up students.

  • Parents must wear face masks if coming onto school property to pick up students.

We want you to know all of the precautions we are taking this year are in place because we care; we care about your children, we care for our teachers and staff, and we care about you.  Because of this, we will do all we can to continue making Burch Creek a positive place for kids to learn and grow.

Thanks for hanging in there with us as we do school during these challenging times!

With Respect,

Mr. Proffer




I know you must have many, many questions regarding the 2020-2021 school year.  If you have not already done so, I would urge you to look through the “SAFE WEBER - A Responsive Framework to COVID-19” document which can be found on the School District website (click here: SAFE WEBER).


 This framework, which is organized into three different levels-Moderate, Enhanced, and Intensive-will guide us through the school year as we address precautions related to Facility Sanitation, Personal Protection and Hygiene, Distancing and Social Gatherings, Recognizing and Completing Unfinished Learning, and Digital Design and Delivery.  Most of your questions and concerns can be answered by this document.


 We are planning for face-to-face instruction in the fall under Moderate Precautions, as outlined in the framework, and we are busy preparing for the return of students in August.  In-person learning offers the richest learning experiences to develop the whole child; at Burch Creek, in addition to core academics, this also includes Social-Emotional Learning, Visual and Fine Arts lessons and experiences, STEM projects and lessons, and the availability of an afterschool Boys and Girls Club, among many other enrichment activities.


 In the event of health concerns, short-term flexible learning options will be available for students to learn from home.  These online learning experiences are designed to help students keep pace with their classmates while out of school for a short time, are limited to essential skills and include very limited teacher-student interaction.  Other district options may be available for remote learning, as well.  Please feel free to reach out to me for further information.


 Prior to coming back to school in August, we will have prepared thorough classroom and school level plans to mitigate risk and address the safety of students and staff.  As you are no doubt aware, things are pretty changeable during these “Corona Times”.  However, we will do our best to keep you informed as we make these preparations and implement any changes to our policies and procedures.


 Stay tuned for more information in the weeks to come, including updated Back to School Night information, as well as what you can expect regarding practical matters such as face coverings, before and after school procedures, etc.


 More than anything, we want you to know how much we miss your kids and that we are looking forward to being together again as a school community and that we are doing everything within our power to make this happen.

 Wishing you well and speak with you soon.

- Mr. Proffer

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