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Our school

801-476-5300  |  4300 Madison Avenue, Ogden, UT 84403

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 Randy Christiansen Head Custodian
 Eileen Beveridge Lunch Manager   
 Julie Clark    Lunchroom   
 Sharidon Rowley Lunchroom   
 Karina Varas Lunchroom  
Miriam Ito Nurse         
Lynda Callister Family Resource Center  
Karen Painter Counseling Aide

Veronica Coria Special Education Aide
Becky Robinson  Special Education Aide
Lindsay Harline Playground/Attendance Aide  
 Robyn Ringel Playground/Alt. K Aide  
Alisha Robinson Playground/PLC Aide
   Behavior Aide


Mackenzie McFadden Fine Arts Specialist
Chantel Spencer Fine Arts Aide
Robyn Ringel Alternative Kindergarten Aide
Madison Trimble Alternative Kindergarten Aide  
Brenna Hyde PE Aide
Sydnee Smith Elementary Aide  
Maryann Brown Coding Aide  
Katie East STEM/Math Aide
Tiffany Frandsen Aide
Jenene Martinez    Reading/Title 1 Aide  
Tracy Syme Reading/Title 1 Aide  
Denise Taylor Reading/Trustland Aide  
Jeri Whitehead Reading/Title 1 Aide
Alejandro Zamorano Reading Aide
Valai Christiansen ESL Aide





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