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Safe School Policy

For the safety of students, staff and visitors to our schools, the Board of Education of the Weber School District has adopted a strict SAFE SCHOOL POLICY which absolutely prohibits the following conduct in school facilities, on school grounds, or during scheduled school activities:

* Any threat of act of violence
* Possession of any type of weapon, real of facsimile, regardless of intent
* Any form of gang-related activity
* Any type of criminal behavior
* Any destruction or defacement of school property
* Willful disobedience or persistent defiance of authority or disruptive behavior including the use of foul, profane, vulgar, and abusive language.


Violators of this policy may subject themselves to the following:

* Immediate request for police investigation
* Automatic suspension from school
* Mandatory parent or guardian conferences with school or district authorities
* Referral to district Student Services Office for placement determination

In cases involving severe or repeated violations,the student:

* May be placed in an alternative educational program
* May be referred to other programs in an effort to resolve the problem
* May be expelled from school. (A one-year expulsion is mandatory for an incident involving firearms.)

Copies of the School Safety Policy are available upon request from the school or District Office.


Burch Creek Elementary

4300 Madison Ave.
Ogden, UT 84403

Weber School District Adheres to:

34A-5-106. Utah Antidiscrimination Act Section 106

Discriminatory or prohibited employment practices -- Permitted practices.

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