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Safe School Policy

For the safety of students, staff and visitors to our schools, the Board of Education of the Weber School District has adopted a strict SAFE SCHOOL POLICY which absolutely prohibits the following conduct in school facilities, on school grounds, or during scheduled school activities:

* Any threat of act of violence
* Possession of any type of weapon, real of facsimile, regardless of intent
* Any form of gang-related activity
* Any type of criminal behavior
* Any destruction or defacement of school property
* Willful disobedience or persistent defiance of authority or disruptive behavior including the use of foul, profane, vulgar, and abusive language.


Violators of this policy may subject themselves to the following:

* Immediate request for police investigation
* Automatic suspension from school
* Mandatory parent or guardian conferences with school or district authorities
* Referral to district Student Services Office for placement determination

In cases involving severe or repeated violations,the student:

* May be placed in an alternative educational program
* May be referred to other programs in an effort to resolve the problem
* May be expelled from school. (A one-year expulsion is mandatory for an incident involving firearms.)

Copies of the School Safety Policy are available upon request from the school or District Office.