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Patriotic Week Information




Patriotic Week 

November 8-12th


We are so thrilled to bring back our Veteran’s wall. If you would like to send in a picture of a Veteran in your family or a friend, please do so with the attachment at the bottom.


Each day we are going to be honoring a different branch of our Military. Here is the layout for the week and some fun facts about the different branches.


Army Monday, Nov. 8th - The Army is the oldest branch of the military. The Army protects the security of the United States and its resources. Twenty four U.S. Presidents served in the Army.  If the Army were a city, it would be the 10th largest in the United States. Wear Green today to help us support our Army Veterans. 


Marine Corps Tuesday, Nov. 9th  - The Marine Corps is often the first on the ground in combat situations. Marines carry $14,000 worth of gear. Marines practice martial arts. Wear Red today to help us support our Marine Corps veterans.


Navy Wednesday, Nov. 10th - The Navy defends the world’s oceans and our rights to travel and trade freely on them. Any Navy service member who works on a submarine, volunteers to do so. The Navy trains bottlenose dolphins and sea lions to detect, locate, mark and recover objects in harbors, coastal areas, and at depth in the open sea. Wear Blue today to help us support our Navy veterans.


Air Force Thursday, Nov. 11th - The US Air Force protects America in the Air. The North American Aerospace Defense Command has made it a tradition of “tracking Santa” as he travels around the world on Christmas Eve. Only 4 percent of all Air Force personnel are pilots.  Since Blue represents the Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard, wear Camo today to help us support our Air Force Veterans.


Coast Guard Friday, Nov. 12th - The Coast Guard protects America’s waterways and deploys with the Navy during wars. Walt Disney created a special logo for the Coast Guard’s Corsair Fleet during World War ll that featured Donald Duck. The oldest serving Coast Guardsman was 105 years old. Wear Purple today to help us support our Coast Guard veterans. Purple is the color that symbolizes all branches of the military.

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Veterans Wall Pictures

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